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WRT 150 Voice Workshops Example #1: Donning my brown furry suit with a white jersey and a WhiteCaps hat, I am transformed into “Crash, The River Rascal,” the mascot for the West Michigan Single-A baseball team in Comstock Park, MI. I have the most unique and wonderful job in the country. I become someone who is embraced by children and disregarded by adults. Unlike most people, I can truly say that I love to go to work each game because while transforming myself into “Crash,” I am able to entertain thousands of people on a game to game basis. I have had many wonderful experiences at my job, both hysterical and dreadful. However, it is very important for me to concentrate and reflect on the great times I have had while working. These moments at work reinforce the fact that I have the wildest, most entertaining, and incredible job in the world. Example #2: Jim Powell was a jelly-bean. Much as I desire to make him an appealing character, I feel that it would be unscrupulous to deceive you on that point. He was a bred-in-the-bone, dyed-in-the-wool, ninety-nine three-quarters per cent Jelly-bean and he grew lazily all during Jelly-bean season, which is every season, down in the land of the Jelly-beans well below the Mason-Dixon Line. Now if you call a Memphis man a Jelly-bean he will quite possibly pull a long
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WRT_150.doc__Voice_Lesson_Plan - WRT 150 Voice Workshops...

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