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Miss Devendorf’s Exam Hints Spring 2010—HIST 212 IDs (4 @10 points each=40 points) Who?—What?—Where?—When?—How?—Why? Write in complete sentences and give as much information as possible. I expect a minimum of 5-6 sentences that give thorough and factual information. Do NOT leave out important information because you assume I know it. As I am grading your comprehension of the material, if an important point is not in your identification, I cannot assume that you know it. Historical context: o Give dates and/or timeframe o Where does this fall in the story of the African-American experience? What leads up to it? What is its lasting impact? o Why is this relevant to understanding the African-American experience? Multiple Choice (30 @ 2 points each=60 points) POE (Process of Elimination): every wrong answer you eliminate improves your chances of getting the question correct Answer ALL questions—there is no penalty for guessing, but you definitely won’t get any
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