Study Guide _ 3

Study Guide _ 3 - Know – brand, branding, image and...

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Study Guide # 3 Chapters 15 – 20 Read each chapter and review class discussion and slides. Key points in Writing for the Web Know the traditional tactics in PR – class slides and text Biography, byliners, position papers, statements, speeches, interviews, backgrounders, fact sheets, media kit, op-ed, quotes News release and types Know the four sections of a speech Most crisis prone industries and companies Know the inverted pyramid Goals for PR writing 10 step writing process 5 characteristics of a speech Fundamentals of writing Chapter 17 Integrated Marketing Communication Forms of IMC customer communications - slides IMC – various names for
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Unformatted text preview: Know – brand, branding, image and identity Know most valuable brands, retail brands Review the email section in text Define IMC Know Harris Interactive Best Brands Chapter 18 Social Media Social media sites, class and text Know intranets, extranets, wikis, RSS, texting, podcasting – text Define social media Text – history of the World Wide Web and the Internet Webisode Chapter 19 Crisis Management Basic causes of a business crisis Define crisis Goals of crisis management Crisis Management/Communication plan Risk Communication Issues Management Chapter 20 – Career Read the chapter and focus on the Last Word section...
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Study Guide _ 3 - Know – brand, branding, image and...

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