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Crisis 2010 Post - Crisis CrisisCommunica,on...

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1 Crisis Communica,on Chapter 19 Crisis A crisis is a situa,on that has reached a cri,cal phase for which drama,c and extraordinary interven,on is necessary to avoid or repair damage. Three Types of Crisis 1. Immediate sudden and unexpectedly 2. Emerging brewing for long periods of ,me 3. Sustained persist for months, years Crisis Four Stages of a crisis Warning ‐ advance signs of trouble Point of no return ‐ reac,ve Cleanup – recovery and inves,ga,on Return to normal – whatever that is! Crisis Planning Crisis Communica,on Crisis Management Risk Management (Communica,on) Issues Management Crisis Communica,on Communica,on in a crisis.
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2 Crisis Communica,on Handling the media is the most cri,cal element in a crisis. Crisis Communica,on Working With The Media Set up media headquarters Establish media rules Media live for the “box score” – the facts Don’t speculate Feed the beast Speed triumphs Cable rules ? Ten Steps of Crisis Communica,on Develop a crisis communica,on team Iden,fy spokespersons Establish communica,on protocol Know audiences An,cipate crises Assess the situa,on Iden,fy key messages Communica,on methods Riding out the storm Start fixing the problem Crisis Management Management of the crisis Goals of Crisis Management Terminate the crisis quickly Limit the damage
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