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Control’s of Earth’s Surface Temperatures Latitude Land and Water Distribution Ocean Currents Altitude Landform Barriers Human Activity Latitude Most important control on temperature Temp typically cools as you move towards the poles. The only exception is near the equator compared to areas just south and north. Heavy cloud cover in the region. Ocean Currents – modify air temperatures at locations, especially coastal locations (affects the climate of the area) Gulf Stream Impacts on Eastern U.S.
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Unformatted text preview: Impacts on Northern Europe California Current Impacts on West Coast of U.S. Altitude Temperature usually decreases with height. Snow in mountains of southern CA. Glaciers at the equator (Mt. Kenya) Landform Barriers – can block air movement from one place to another affecting the temperatures. Himalayas – keep cold air out of India giving India a tropical climate (warm). Southern vs. north facing slopes Southern (warmer) Northern (colder – with more snow)...
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