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Human Activities can affect local climate patterns Urban heat islands Land use change with building and expansion create pockets of warm temperatures. This changes the surface landscape and surface cover which affects albedo (reflectivity) Temperature Distribution at Earth’s Surface Isotherms – lines on a map connecting points of equal temperature Elevation is accounted for by adjusting the temperatures to what they would be at sea level Temperature gradient – rate of temperature change. Closely spaced lines – steep temp gradient Widely spaced lines – slight temperature change over long distance. Chapter Overview Atmospheric Pressure Local Wind Patterns Cyclones and Anticyclones Global Wind and Pressure Patterns Winds Aloft Ocean Currents Atmospheric pressure : Force per unit area that the atmosphere exerts on any surface at a particular elevation.
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Unformatted text preview: Measured with a barometer Average pressure at sea level can be expressed in different ways: 1 kilogram/cm2=15 pounds/in2= 101,320 Pa (pascals)=76 cm Hg (mercury)=29.92 in Hg=1013.2 mb (millibars) Values are important because they provide the cutoff measurements used to define low and high pressure cells. Atmospheric pressure at a single location varies slightly from day to day. Differences in atmospheric pressure circulate the air, and create our winds Helps to cycle water from oceans to the landmasses Is an important factor in driving the worlds ocean currents. Air Pressure- mass of air above a given level. Atmospheric pressure always decreases with increasing height. Air molecules exert a force on all surfaces with which they are in contact and the amount of that force exerted per unit of surface area is pressure....
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