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26 - The warmer the object the more energy it will emit and...

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Excluding sublimation and deposition: The process that uses the most energy is Evaporation **uses 600 cal/g The process that releases the most energy is Condensation ** releases 600 cal/g Latent heat (hidden heat) is released: **Provides energy for thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes ** helps in redistributing heat to higher latitudes Heating of the atmosphere: x Processes of Heat Energy Transfer r Radiation r Conduction r Convection r Advection Radiation The process by which incoming electromagnetic radiation is transferred from the sun to the Earth The more energy absorbed by the Earth, the more heat the Earth will generate
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Unformatted text preview: The warmer the object, the more energy it will emit, and the shorter the wavelengths at peak emission. This heats up our atmosphere. Conduction: • The molecule to molecule transfer of energy • Heat transfer from one part of a body to another or between two touching objects. • Heat flows from warm to cool areas • Works at the interface between the atmosphere and Earth. • Only affects areas closest to Earth’s surface Conduction: Molecule-to-molecule transfer. Important for heat transfer in oceans and in soil ....
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