30 - warm temperatures l This changes the surface landscape...

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Altitude l Temperature usually decreases with height. l Snow in mountains of southern CA. l Glaciers at the equator (Mt. Kenya) l Landform Barriers – can block air movement from one place to another affecting the temperatures. l Himalayas – keep cold air out of India giving India a tropical climate (warm). l Southern vs. north facing slopes l Southern (warmer) l Northern (colder – with more snow) l Human Activities can affect local climate patterns l Urban heat islands l Land use change with building and expansion create pockets of
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Unformatted text preview: warm temperatures. l This changes the surface landscape and surface cover which affects albedo (reflectivity) l Temperature Distribution at Earth’s Surface l Isotherms – lines on a map connecting points of equal temperature l Elevation is accounted for by adjusting the temperatures to what they would be at sea level l Temperature gradient – rate of temperature change. l Closely spaced lines – steep temp gradient l Widely spaced lines – slight temperature change over long distance....
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