32 - Continental Tropical (cT) Air Masses Forms over hot,...

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Continental Polar (cP ) Air Masses Formed over high-latitude land masses Northern Canada, Siberia Very low temperatures Stable conditions Extremely dry (low relative humidity) Clear-sky conditions Continental Arctic (cA) Air Masses Similar to the cP, but Colder Maritime Polar (mP) Air Masses Usually unstable air masses Forms over North Pacific from air moving out of Asia Affects West coast of North America (Pacific) mP air masses on the Atlantic seldom affect weather on the eastern coast because this air mass is located in the westerlies belt.
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Unformatted text preview: Continental Tropical (cT) Air Masses Forms over hot, dry, low latitude regions during summer Southwest US and northern Mexico Cloud-free Maritime Tropical (mT) Air Masses Forms over warm tropical waters Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Warm and moist Unstable near the surface Clouds and precipitation Over land, additional surface heating more unstable Heavy, short-lived precipitation thunderstorms The mT from the Gulf of Mexico provides the greatest amount of moisture to the U.S. east of the Rockies....
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