35 - front Without rising warm moist air the supply of...

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Stage 2 A wavelike kink forms on the front known as a “frontal wave”. Cold front pushing southward and warm front pushing northward. Region of lowest pressure is the junction of the two fronts. A low pressure trough forms. Wave cyclone begins to form. Stage 3 Steered by winds aloft, the system moves east or northeastward. Strong cyclonic flow – winds swirl CCW and inward toward low pressure. Precipitation – wide band head of warm front --- narrow band along cold front Stage 4 System continues eastward and central pressure decreases and winds blow more vigorously. Faster cold front inches closer to warm and eventually overtakes warm front. Stage 5 Occluded front (in purple) –the cold front overtakes the warm front. It will gradually dissipate because cold air now lies on both sides of the occluded
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Unformatted text preview: front. Without rising warm, moist air, the supply of energy is gone and system dies out. Stage 6 Pocket of warm air above surface moves north. These systems help move energy poleward. Most start in the Leeward side of the Rockies and end in the location of the Ohio Valley or around Maine. The Superstorm of March 1993 aka “Storm of the Century” An extratropical cyclone of unusual intensity and areal extent affected much of the Gulf and East Coast of the United States *Atlantic Seaboard *Much of the Gulf Coast *portions of the Ohio Valley *Cuba *Northern Mexico Heavy snow High winds Tornadoes Coastal flooding Record low sea-level pressures Record low temperatures...
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35 - front Without rising warm moist air the supply of...

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