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37 - Snows gradually ended across the Middle Atlantic...

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The storm continued to track to the Northeast (eastern seaboard to Delaware by 0000 UTC 14 March) The cyclone reached its minimum value of 960 mb at this time. Heavy snow: Appalachians, Middle Atlantic States, New England Temperatures: -7C to 0C (20s to lower 30s F) but fell to -10C to -5C (teens to 20sF) later in the day. Sunday, March 14: Exiting By 1200 UTC, pressure 964mb.
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Unformatted text preview: Snows gradually ended across the Middle Atlantic states but continued from Pennsylvania, interior New England to Maine. Snow changed to rain along the coastline in New England. The cyclone moved northeastward, exiting the U.S. by 1800 UTC. The snow gradually ended across New England, followed by clear skies and below-freezing temperatures....
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