41 - • Wind speeds up to 100 m/s(225 mph Prerequisites...

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Tornadoes Rotating column of air around an area of intense low pressure with a circulation that reaches the ground. The Tornado Tornado : small, very intense wind vortex with extremely low air pressure in the center, formed below a dense cumulonimbus cloud in proximity to a cold front Associated with thunderstorms in midlatitude fronts, and with tropical cyclones Favorable conditions: cold front of mP air lifts mT air Tornados most frequent in U.S
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Unformatted text preview: • Wind speeds up to 100 m/s (225 mph). Prerequisites for tornado formation: **Mass of very warm air at the surface **Strong westerly flow aloft **Unstable vertical temperature structure **Mechanism present to start rotation wind shear Change in wind speed and direction causes a rolling action Strong updrafts tilt the rotating air axis vertical. Provides the initial rotation within the cloud interior....
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