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Unformatted text preview: Motion • • • • Imaging Configurations Stationary camera stationary objects Stationary camera moving objects Moving camera stationary objects Moving camera moving objects Motion • Motion Detection • Motion Measurement (optical flow) • Tracking • Structure from motion (derive 3-D motion & shape) • Motion Recognition • Motion-based Recognition A Video Clip Consecutive Frame Difference Background Difference Optical Flow Measurement of motion at each pixel Synthetic Images One iteration Results 10 iterations l=4 Image from Hamburg Taxi seq optical flow Lucas-Kanade with Pyramids Optical Flow Video Mosaics Scientific American Frontiers Scientific American Frontiers Video Mosaic mosaic Video Mosaic Video Mosaic Wal-Mart Steve Mann Head-mounted Camera at Restaurant MIT Media Lab Video Compression Example Sprite Tracking Tracking & Object Detection In Single Camera PETS-2001 Motion Recognition Activities Detecting Violence Video Registration IRS-1C - Washington, DC SPOT - Washington, DC IRS-1C SPOT/IRS-1C Uncorrected SPOT Uncorrected IRS-1C 966 m SPOT/IRS-1C Uncorrected SPOT Uncorrected IRS-1C 966 m SPOT/IRS-1C Uncorrected SPOT Uncorrected SPOT 5m IRS-1C/SPOT Registered IRS-1C Registered SPOT Registered IRS-1C to SPO T IRS-1C Registered geoRegistration Results and Conclusions Results superimposed with the reference image Computer Vision University of Central Florida Video Segmentation Augmented Reality Understanding Hollywood Movies Visual Disturbance Visual Disturbance Explosion/fire Detection ...
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