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Sketching Informal Presentations Yang Li 1 James A. Landay 1 Zhiwei Guan 2 * Xiangshi Ren 3 Guozhong Dai 2 Group for User Interface Research 1 Computer Science Division University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA 94720-1776 USA Tel: +1 510 642 9585 [email protected] [email protected] Intelligence Engineering Lab 2 Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing 100080, China [email protected] [email protected] Department of Information Systems 3 Engineering Kochi University of Technology Tosayamada-cho, Kochi 782- 8502, Japan [email protected] ABSTRACT Informal presentations are a lightweight means for fast and convenient communication of ideas. People communicate their ideas to others on paper and whiteboards, which afford fluid sketching of graphs, words and other expressive symbols. Unlike existing authoring tools that are designed for formal presentations, we created SketchPoint to help presenters design informal presentations via freeform sketching. In SketchPoint, presenters can quickly author presentations by sketching slide content, overall hierarchical structures and hyperlinks. To facilitate the transition from idea capture to communication, a note-taking workspace was built for accumulating ideas and sketching presentation outlines. Informal feedback showed that SketchPoint is a promising tool for idea communication. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.5.2 [ Information Interfaces and Presentation ]: User Interfaces – prototyping, user-centered design, interaction styles. General Terms: Design, Human Factors. Keywords Informal presentation, Zooming User Interface (ZUI), Sketching, Pen-based Computers, Rapid Prototyping, Gestures, Storyboards 1. INTRODUCTION Informal presentations are lightweight ways for people to communicate ideas to others for feedback and modification. One major form of informal presentations is to sketch ideas on paper and whiteboards during informal discussions, meetings and seminars. Freeform sketches are easily produced and are sufficiently expressive to convey a wide variety of information. Current software tools provide abundant functionality to customize detailed slides for formal presentations. These heavyweight tools capture the presenter’s focus with complicated menus and buttons. From the start of designing a presentation, presenters often become obsessed by design details, such as colors and fonts, which are unnecessary for quickly communicating ideas in an informal setting. To better understand informal presentation practices, we distributed a questionnaire to 30 researchers, and interviewed seven of these researchers from our lab. The study showed that informal presentations take an important role in the life of a researcher. The informal representations encourage more suggestions and modifications, affording communication- intensive meetings. Informal presentations are a natural transition from periods of idea accumulation and are thus an important step in the cycle of knowledge production. They enable fast and
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p234-li - Sketching Informal Presentations Yang Li1 James A...

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