UIST2008SurfacePhysics - Bringing Physics to the Surface...

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A T t t g f T j t p th th s o b h to c f r p g A p G K I E in n o a v p p e c to in g ti Andrew {awilson, s ABSTRACT This paper exp echnologies, c en shape info gines. We defin from such surf This affords th ects in ways an echnique is c points and mo he entire hand his user input sions within th of fine-grained based, whole-h how our techni o interactive creating a fluid from applicatio rent in using p plications with gesture recogni ACM Classific presentation]: U General terms Keywords: Inte NTRODUCTIO Emerging inter nteract with th nipulating onsc often comment a physical or ta virtual feel mo plications atte physicality” by exhibit a sense common rotate op application ng a sheet of p gers [17, 18]. A ic, it is very m Permission to ma personal or classr not made or distri bear this notice a or republish, to p specific permissio UIST’08 , October Copyright 2008 A B D. Wilson 1 , 1 Microso One Mic Redmond [email protected] plores the inte capable of sens ormation, and ne a technique faces as input he user the abil nalogous to ma capable of mo re sophisticate d or other phy to contact for he physics simu d and casual in hand, and tan ique can be use surfaces such d and natural ex on developers m hysics engines hout preprogram tion. cation: H5.2 User Interfaces : Design , Hum eractive surfac ON ractive surface he digital world creen content. t that this abilit angible quality ore real. Many empt to furth y carefully de of real-world e and translate s, where the in paper on a flat Although such much preprogra ake digital or hard room use is grante ibuted for profit or nd the full citation post on servers or on and/or a fee. r 19–22, 2008, Mo ACM 978-1-59593 Bringin Shahram Iz oft Research crosoft Way d, WA 98052 microsoft.co ersection of em sing multiple c advanced gam e for modeling within a phy lity to interact anipulation of r odeling both m ed shape infor ysical objects, rces due to fri ulation. This e nteractions, su ngible input. W ed to add real- h as a vision- xperience. Our many of the co s, allowing the mmed interact [Information s. - Graphical u an Factors, Al ces, game phys e technologies d by directly to People who u ty to touch dig y to the interact y interactive su her highlight signing interfa behavior. One behavior found nteraction is an surface with o an interaction ammed. For ex d copies of all or ed without fee pro r commercial adva n on the first page r to redistribute to onterey, California 3-975-3/08/10. ..$5 ng Phys zadi 2 , Otmar 2 om, otmar.hi merging surfa contacts and o mes physics e the data sense ysics simulatio with digital o real objects. O multiple conta rmation, such and of mappin iction and col enables a varie upporting finge We demonstra world dynami -based tableto r approach hid omplexities inh e creation of a tion behavior interfaces an user interfaces. lgorithms
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UIST2008SurfacePhysics - Bringing Physics to the Surface...

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