craven - M ach ineL earn ingR esearchG roupW ork ingP aper-...

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Unformatted text preview: M ach ineL earn ingR esearchG roupW ork ingP aper- V isua liz ingL earn ingandC om pu tat ion inA rt ic ia lN eu ra lN etw ork s M arkW .C raven JudeW .Shav lik C om pu terSc iencesD epartm en t U n ivers ityo fW iscon s in W estD ay tonS t . M ad ison ,W I ()- craven@ cs .w isc .edu A b stract Sc ien t icv isua lizat ion isthep rocesso fu s inggraph ica lim agestoform succ inctand luc idrep resen tat ion so fnum er ica ldata .V isua lizat ionhas p roventobeau se fu lm ethod forunderstand ingboth learn ingandcom- pu tat ion inart ic ia lneu ra lnetw ork s .W h ilep rov id ingapow erfu land genera ltechn iqueforinduct ive learn ing ,art ic ia lneu ra lnetw ork sared if- cu lttocom p rehendbecau sethey form rep resentat ion sthatareencoded bya largenum bero frea l-va luedparam eters .B yv iew ingtheseparam e- tersp ictor ia lly ,abetterunderstand ingcanbega inedo fhowanetw ork m ap sinpu tsin toou tpu ts .Inth isart ic le ,w esu rveyanum bero fv isu- a lizat iontechn iquesforunderstand ingthelearn inganddec is ion-m ak ing p rocesseso fneu ra lnetw ork s .W ea lsodescr ibeou rw ork in know ledge- basedneura lne tworks andthev isua lizat iontechn iquesw ehaveu sedto understandthesenetw ork s .Inaknow ledge-basedneu ra lnetw ork ,the topo logyand in it ia lw e igh tva lueso fthenetw orkaredeterm inedbyan app rox im ate ly-correctseto fin ferenceru les .K now ledge-basednetw ork s areeas ierto in terp retthanconven t iona lnetw ork sbecau seo fthesyn- ergybetw eenv isua lizat ionm ethod sandthere lat iono fthenetw ork sto sym bo licru les . K eyw ord s : neu ra lnetw ork s , know ledge-basedneu ra lnetw ork s , sc ien t icv isua lizat ion (Subm itted(/)tothe In terna tiona lJourna lonA rtic ia lIn te lligenceT oo ls.) C raven&Shav lik In troduct ion A rt ic ia lneu ra lnetw ork s(ANN s)p rov ideanapp roachtom ach inelearn ingwh ich is in sp iredbythearch itectu reo ftheb ra in ;ANN sarecharacter izedby largenum berso f s im p lep rocess ingun itslinkedtoeachotherbyw e igh tedconnect ion s .N eu ra lnetw ork learn inga lgor ithm shavebeensuccessfu llyapp liedtoanum bero frea l-w or ldp rob lem s asvar iedasrecogn iz inghandw r ittend ig its(L eCun) ,nd ingim portan tfeatu resin DNA (N oordew ier) ,and learn ingtop ronounceEng lishtex t(Se jnow sk i) . In add it iontothesep ract ica lsuccesses ,severa lem p ir ica lstud ieshaveconc ludedthat neu ra lnetw ork so ftenp rov idebetterperform ancethancomm onsym bo liclearn ing a lgor ithm s(A t las;F isher;Shav lik;W e iss) .N eu ra llearn inga lgor ithm s ,such asbackp ropagat ion(R um e lhart) ,enab leanart ic ia lneu ra lnetw orkto induct ive ly learnhow toso lveap rob lem byexp lo it ingregu lar it iesinaseto ftra in ingexam p les . A fundam en ta lp rob lem o fANN s ,how ever ,isthatthein form at ionthattheyencode cannotbeeas ilyunderstoodbyhum an sbecau seconcep tsarerep resen tedbya large num bero frea l-va luedparam eters .Anum bero fresearchershaveem p loyedthetech- n iqueso f sc ien ticv isua liza tion...
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This note was uploaded on 06/13/2011 for the course CAP 6938 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at University of Central Florida.

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craven - M ach ineL earn ingR esearchG roupW ork ingP aper-...

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