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InkSeine: In Situ Search for Active Note Taking Ken Hinckley 1 , Shengdong Zhao 2 , Raman Sarin 1 , Patrick Baudisch 1 , Ed Cutrell 1 , Michael Shilman 3 , Desney Tan 1 Microsoft Research, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052 1 {kenh, ramans, baudisch, cutrell, desney}, 2, 3 ABSTRACT Using a notebook to sketch designs, reflect on a topic, or capture and extend creative ideas are examples of active note taking tasks. Optimal experience for such tasks demands concentration without interruption. Yet active note taking may also require reference documents or emails from team members. InkSeine is a Tablet PC application that supports active note taking by coupling a pen-and-ink interface with an in situ search facility that flows directly from a user’s ink notes (Fig. 1). InkSeine integrates four key concepts: it leverages preexisting ink to initiate a search; it provides tight coupling of search queries with application content; it persists search queries as first class objects that can be commingled with ink notes; and it enables a quick and flexible workflow where the user may freely interleave inking, searching, and gathering content. InkSeine offers these capabilities in an interface that is tailored to the unique demands of pen input, and that maintains the primacy of inking above all other tasks. Author Keywords Input, pen, tablet, gestures, handwriting, ink, search ACM Classification Keywords H.5.2 Information Interfaces and Presentation: Input INTRODUCTION The convergence of pen computers, full text indexing of personal stores, and internet search engines offers a unique opportunity to design fluid interfaces for active note taking . Active note taking is the combination of pen-and-ink note taking with searching, linking, collecting, and sensemaking activities [26]. This is in contrast to “simple” note taking, which is characterized by moment-to-moment transcription. Active note taking is commonly performed by people engaged in challenging creative work such as scientific research and product design [4]. These persons often create informal preproduction artifacts on paper, in notebooks, or on whiteboards [20,22], sketching preliminary plans and manipulating their notes to find solutions to hard problems. Kirsh observes that people tend to surround themselves with “task detritus” to help trigger extensions, variations, and associations on ideas [15]. For example, messy physical desks subtly structure information and remind users of work to do [14]. Virtual 3D desktops such as DataMountain [25], or the fluid pen-based interaction of BumpTop [1], enable users to create personally meaningful arrangements by piling together document thumbnails. Likewise, an unstructured notebook page imposes no
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InkSeine-CHI2007 - InkSeine: In Situ Search for Active Note...

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