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Student Name: _____________________________ SSN: ___________________ Grading sheet for the polynomial program (Assignment #2, 40 pts.) A. The program (is it C++ or Java) (1) Does it use the Text’s classes? Yes or No. If no, explain. (2) Does it run? If no, describe the errors; if yes, describe the output (correct, complete, missing pieces, etc.) (3) Does it have a comment block? Yes, no, or insufficient? B. (28 pts.) The classes: (1) (3 pts.) Term class (does it contain the right fields, an equals() method for java, or operator!= overloading for c++?) (2) (25 pts.) Polynomial class (incomplete or incorrect code, lacking comment, algorithm efficiency; using the linked list classes): (a) (2 pt., 1 for output) printPoly() method (readable output, e.g., no leading “+”, no internal “+ –“ signs):
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Unformatted text preview: (b) (5 pts., 2 for efficiency, i.e., linear time) isEqual() method: (c) (10 pts., 3 for efficiency i.e., linear time) add() method: (d) (8 pts., 2 for efficiency, i.e., quadratic time and calls add()) multiply() method: C. (12 pts.) The main(): (1) (4 pts.) Does it create the initial polynomials? (2) (4 pts.) Does it call add() and multiply(), and apply the recurrence equation? (3) (2 pts.) Does it call isEqual()? (4) (2 pts.) Does it call printPoly()? D. Other grading guidelines: (1) Scores ≤ 60% (24 pts.) if the program doesn’t compile. (2) Scores ≤ 75% (30 pts.) if the program compiles but generates run-time errors. (3) Extra credit is worth 10% (4 pts.). (4) Documentation (e.g., commenting, cover sheet, hardcopies) is worth 5 pts. SCORE...
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