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COP3530C.01, Spring 2001 Assigned: Jan. 23, 2001 S. Lang Assignment #2 Due: Feb 1 in class, within 10 minute of the lecture at 11:30 am Note: Updated on 1/25 (in two places) in boldface letters. You are to write a program in C++ or in Java which uses the linked list ADT of the Text as a basis to implement a Polynomial class. Specifically, the non-zero terms of a polynomial in a single variable of integer coefficients are arranged in descending order of the exponents, and the coefficient, exponent pair of each term are stored in the corresponding node of the linked list. In the Polynomial class, use two instance variables numTerms and degree to store, respectively, the count of non-zero terms and the degree of a polynomial object. The Polynomial class supports the following four operations: (1) isEqual( ): a boolean function which uses a single parameter of a polynomial object and tests if it is equal to the polynomial object that invokes the function. (Two polynomials are equal if they have identical terms of coefficient, exponent pairs with equal values.) (2) add( ): a function which uses a single parameter of a polynomial object and adds it to the polynomial
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