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COP3530C.01, Spring 2001 Assigned: Feb. 6, 2001 S. Lang Assignment #3 Due: Feb 20 in class, within 10 minute of the lecture at 11:30 am (Note: Please note minor revisions in boldface form, 2/07/01) You are to write a program in C++ or in Java which uses a binary tree ADT to be provided by the instructor as a basis to implement a simulated hierarchical file system. The binary tree ADT will consist of a BinTree class and a BinTreeNode class, implementing a special kind of binary trees in which each node has an up-link to its parent node, a sibling-link to its right sibling node, and two child links, first and last, pointing to the leftmost and rightmost child nodes, respectively. As a result, this structure allows implementation of a general rooted tree such as that you find in a typical hierarchical file system. The following first describes the BinTree and BinTreeNode classes, then some details of your program. The BinTree class consists of one private instance variable (data member) of type BinTreeNode representing the root of a binary tree, and some public methods (functions) including makeEmpty(), isEmpty(),
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