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COP3530C.01, Spring 2001 Assigned: March 22, 2001 S. Lang Assignment #5 Due: March 29, within10 min. of the lecture at 11:30 am 1. Exercise 10.2, Part (a). 2. Exercise 10.3. 3. Design an algorithm in pseudocode and analyze its time complexity for each of the following problems given a graph G as the input if, (a) G is represented using an adjacency matrix, and (b) G is represented using the adjacency lists.
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Unformatted text preview: You may assume the graph has no parallel edges. (i) Output the degree of each node, where the degree counts the number of edges that are connected to the node. (By convention, when a node is connected to a self-loop, the edge contributes 2 to the node’s degree.) (ii) For an arbitrary node j and node k , determine if there is a path that connects node j to node k ....
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