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COP3530C.01, Spring 2001 Assigned: April 10, 2001 S. Lang Assignment #6 (40 pts.) Due: April 19, within10 min. of the lecture at 11:30 am Note: Two places highlighted in boldface were added after class on Tuesday, 4/10. The main objective of this programming assignment is to implement a Graph class that supports both the adjacency matrix and adjacency lists representations, and to implement a few well-known graph algorithms. The instructor will provide a Java main() method and a C++ main() function which call your Java graph methods (or C++ functions) for testing your program. The graph data files for testing your program will also be provided by the instructor. Your Graph class must satisfy the following requirements: (1) There are three private instance variables (or member variables) for representing each directed or undirected graph: (a) int numNodes: for the number of nodes (vertices) in the graph; the nodes of a graph are labeled 1 through numNodes (for example, nodes 1, 2, and 3 if numNodes = 3). (b) int adjMat[][]: an adjacency matrix whose dimension is based on numNodes in which each entry stores the weight value of the corresponding edge. (c)
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