prog2 - COP 3530 Programming Assignment #2 Summer 2002...

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Title: “Program Assignment 2: Analyzing Performance of B-Tree of Order 6” Points: 100 points – 60pts for coded portion, 40 points for written analysis Due Date: In class Wednesday July 10, 2002 Objectives: (1) To implement in Java, a B-tree of order 6 along with supporting methods to insert, delete and search for values within the B-tree, and (2) produce empirical results to gauge the amount of space utilization or waste thereof within the B-tree structure. Description: Create a Java program that implements a B-tree of order six and then determine for a randomly generated “access sequence” to the B-tree the amount of “wasted space” within the structure. Technique: 1. Create the necessary class structures and accompanying methods to successfully construct and manipulate a B-tree of order six. 2. Generate an “access sequence” which, starting from an empty tree will insert elements into the B-tree and delete elements. Note that every insertion and deletion will require a search of the existing tree. In the case of a successful search (meaning that the value is already in the tree) no action is taken as duplicate key values are not allowed. Similarly, in the case of an unsuccessful search for a deletion, no action is taken. Otherwise, for insertion an unsuccessful search will cause an insertion to occur and for deletion a successful search will delete the key value from the tree. 3. The length of the access sequence is a parameter that you will need to determine on an individual basis. I would suggest starting quite small (use the examples in the class notes for testing and you will be able to determine if your code is working correctly or not) and moving up when you are sure your code is correct. As an upper limit a few hundred data
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prog2 - COP 3530 Programming Assignment #2 Summer 2002...

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