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readme - g3 g4 main.javas and main.cpp with the following...

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This directory contains several text files each representing a graph or a directed graph in the following format: a leading positive integer, followed by integer triplets a, b, and c, such that the pair a, b represent an edge (directed or undirected) between nodes a and b, and the value c gives the weight associated with edge a, b. Adjacent integers in the text file are separated by at least one space or by the newline character. When such a text file is used in setting up a directed graph (by calling an appropriate constructor), each edge a, b represents a directed edge connecting node a to node b, i.e., the arrowhead is at node b. When a text file is used in setting up an undirected graph, each edge a, b of the file means an undirected edge between the two nodes a and b. In addition to the text files for graphs, there are two other text file to be used in the main() of your java or c++ program. Specifically, there are 6 text files g1.txt, g2.txt,
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Unformatted text preview: g3.txt, g4.txt, main.javas.txt, and main.cpp.txt, with the following descriptions: g1.txt: There are 7 nodes and the file is passed to set up both an undirected graph and a directed graph. All edges have the identical weight of 1. g2.txt: There are 9 nodes and the file is passed to set up a directed graph with integer edge weight values. The graph invokes the shortestPath() method. g3.txt and g4.txt: There are 5 and 6 nodes, respectively, in these two undirected graphs with all edge weights equal to 1. These two graphs invoke the EulerPath() method. main.java.txt: A text file that contains the method calls for testing your java class, to be incorporated into the main() of your java program. main.cpp.txt: A text file that contains the function calls for testing your c++ class, to be incorporated into the main() of your c++ program. Note: DO NOT modify the text files for graphs (g1.txt, . .., g4.txt) when testing your program!!...
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