Term(1) - return exponent; } public void setCoefficient(int...

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//** // a Term class representing the non-zero terms in polynomials //** public class Term { private int coefficient; private int exponent; Term() { coefficient = 0; exponent = 0; } Term (int i, int j) { setCoefficient (i); setExponent (j); } public int getCoefficient() { return coefficient; } public int getExponent() {
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Unformatted text preview: return exponent; } public void setCoefficient(int co) { coefficient = co; } public void setExponent(int ex) { exponent = ex; } public boolean equals(Term tm) { if (coefficient != tm.getCoefficient()) return false; if (exponent!= tm.getExponent()) return false; return true; } }...
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