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UCF School of EECS CGS 3269 Computer Architecture Spring 2007 DUE 3/20/07 1.- Give the design of a 3-bit synchronous counter using JK flip/flops. Show in a table the output values for the first five clock pulses. Include the JK characteristic table. 2.- Give the design of a 4 x 4 memory(four words of four bits each). In your design show the MAR and MDR at the flip/flop level and indicate how these two registers are
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Unformatted text preview: connected to your 4 x 4 memory. 3.- What is a Bus? 4.- What is a register file? 5.- Write a program to evaluate the following expression: z = a * b using a one address machine, a two address machine and a three address machine. There is not multiplication instruction in these machines....
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