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UCF School of EECS CGS 3269 Computer Architecture Spring 2007 HW3: DUE 4/10/07 1. 1.- Convert the following numbers to IEEE single-precision format. a) 9 b) –8 c) 128 2.- Using the IEEE single-precision format compute the following addition: 1.5 x 10 2 + 3.5 x 10 3 3.- Name the steps to carry out an addition operation of two floating point numbers. 4.- The following binary floating-point numbers consist of a sign bit, an excess 64
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Unformatted text preview: exponent, and a 16 bit fraction. Normalize them. (10 points) d) 1 1000001 0001010100000001 e) 0 0111000 0000001111111111 5.- In a pipeline architecture with the following five stages: IF, OF, EX, MEM, and WB, describe what are the actions taken at each stage. Each question is worth 20 points....
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