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The ARC Simulator, Version 1.x vph 1/2/01 Please send bug reports to [email protected] Place "ARC Simulator Bug" in the message header. I. What Is The ARC Simulator? The ARC Simulator is a Java 1.1 Application that simulates the execution of an ARC machine language program. It is a "functional" simulator; it simulates the overall execution of an ARC program, but not the internal operation of any particular ARC architecture. It should be useful in demonstrating the execution behavior of ARC programs, but has no information related to timing. It executes each ARC instruction completely before beginning the execution of the next instruction. II. What kind of computer and operating system will run this program? This simulator, and all the tools in this package, will run on any computer that supports Java version 1.1 or higher. The package has been tested on the Macintosh, Windows NT, and Solaris platforms. III. How do I start the simulator running? First, you must have the Java 1.1 or higher runtime environment installed on your computer. Since this program is a Java Application and not an Applet, it cannot be run from within a Web Browser. How the simulator is launched depends upon which platform you are using. For the Mac, simply drag the ARCToolsv1.2.5.jar file that is in this directory to the JBindery icon,
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README-ARCSimulator - The ARC Simulator Version 1.x vph...

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