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ARC, A subset of the Sparc Assembly Language This directory contains the directory ARCJavaTools. The directories contain an ARC simulator written in Java. The simulator has a Graphical User Interface, making it easy to use and understand. It should be used if: a) you have access to Java version 1.1 or higher SDK or JRE, and b) you will be running it on the machine where Java resides or you have a high-bandwidth connection between your X-server and the machine running Java. The Java 1.1 JRE Java Runtime Environment and the Java 1.1 SDK developers
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Unformatted text preview: kit is available without charge from Sun for Solaris and Windows machines at For Macintosh users, the Java 1.1 runtime is known as MRJ, and is available at You must also download and install the MRJ SDK, including JBindery, which must be used to run the ARCJavaTools. See the README files in the ARCJavaTools directory for more details. For information about the ARC architecture, see Please send bug reports to Place "ARC Tools Bug" in the message header....
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