cad_5-SCHEMATIC1-voltage_gain_plot - 150(105.5 kHz,16.96...

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Frequency 1.0Hz 10Hz 100Hz 1.0KHz 10KHz 100KHz 1.0MHz 10MHz dB(V(I2:+)/V(V3:+)) dB(V(I4:+)/V(V4:+)) dB(V(I6:+)/V(V5:+)) -50 0 50 100
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Unformatted text preview: 150 (105.5 kHz,16.96 dB) (20.00 dB) (1.0 kHz,56.96 dB) (59.96 dB) (5.1 Hz,102.8 dB) (105.8 dB)...
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