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exam_001.text.eel6936.032 - EEL 6936 RF MICROWAVE CIRCUITS...

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EEL 6936; RF & MICROWAVE CIRCUITS II //EXAM_001.TEXT.EEL6936.032 (Revised 2/12/03; Printed 2/12/03) Page 1 EXAMINATION #1 — 2/12/03 Student (Print Clearly) INSTRUCTIONS 1.) Show all work in detail. You may use CAD techniques (Mathcad, Maple, Matlab, ADS, etc.) as you see fit, but you must supply sufficient detail to allow Prof. Gordon to follow your work if you want to qualify for partial credit. 2.) If you require extra workspace to present your solution, use letter size paper similar to the examination. Do not write on the back side of any sheet. Include any Smith charts and clearly identify each problem and page, placing each page in order. Failure to comply may result in proportionate scoring penalty. 3.) The solutions that you submit must be solely the product of your effort. Don't ask each other questions, offer opinions, etc. Don't consult other people; consult only Prof. Gordon if you need clarification. 4.) The examination is due Monday, February 24, 2003, at 2:00 PM (beginning of class).
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