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Data Center Projects: Growth Model Revision 1 by Neil Rasmussen and Suzanne Niles Introduction 2 The six parameters of the growth model 7 The value of stepped phase-in 10 Determining the system capacity plan 12 Role of the growth model in the system planning sequence 16 Use of the growth model in TCO calculations 20 Conclusion 24 Resources 25 Click on a section to jump to it Contents White Paper 143 Long term data center or network room capacity planning may seem impossible in the face of evolving IT technology and business requirements. Nevertheless, data center facilities have a lifetime that may span many generations of IT equipment, so planning – or lack of planning – can have a large impact on the effectiveness of investments. Many unnecessary costs can be avoided with simple planning strategies, and even uncertainty itself can be incorporated into a plan. This paper shows a simple and effective way to develop a capacity plan for a data center or network room. Executive summary >
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Data Center Projects: Growth Model APC by Schneider Electric White Paper 143 Rev 1 2 Successful navigation through the planning challenges of a data center project requires the structure of well-defined process, the expertise of people to make decisions and evaluate alternatives, and the assistance of tools to organize information or perform calculations. One such tool is a growth model that provides structure and terminology for the discussion of future IT power requirements. The growth model described in this paper is an essential component of the data center planning process described in APC White Paper 142, Data Center Projects: System Planning . This growth model provides a standardized framework for expressing and developing a shared understanding of the power needs of the IT facility being planned. This includes both a description of the power required by the IT load – the IT load profile – and the power capacity to be provided by the physical infrastructure – the system capacity plan . The IT load profile is one of the foundational planning elements needing thought and decision in the early stages of data center design. In early planning discussions, the non-technical term for “IT load profile” is the growth plan , which is one of the three IT parameters in the process model that provide essential input to design of the power and cooling system. IT parameter Description Criticality A goal for the availability and reliability of the data center, consistent with the business mission. For more about criticality and how criticality levels are defined for data centers, see APC White Paper 122, Guidelines for Specification of Data Center Criticality/Tier Levels Capacity The final, full build-out size of the IT load, in kW. (This number will become the “maximum final load” parameter in the IT load profile .) Growth plan The expected IT load over the data center lifetime, expressed as the four-parameter IT load profile
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apc-0071 - Data Center Projects Growth Model White Paper...

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