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Group Exercises Purpose, Central Idea & Main Points 1. What is wrong with each of the following specific purpose statements? To persuade my audience that something must be done to curb the problem of computer theft on our campus. This is too vague – what something must be done? To inform my audience about the principles of aerodynamics and how to build a kite. This is not narrowed appropriately – you cannot have two ideas for one purpose. Why does the United States need to build more nuclear power plants. This is not written as a declarative sentence – even without a “?” it is still a question. The major beliefs of the Baha’i religion. This does not reference listeners, and is not a complete sentence. 2. Given the following central idea, identify the general purpose, specific purpose and main points of the speech. “You should volunteer as a literacy tutor because it helps children, strengthens the community, and is personally rewarding.” General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to volunteer as a literacy tutor. Main Ideas:
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Exercises_Purpose_Solutions - Group Exercises Purpose...

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