Jan29_Body Intro & Conc

Jan29_Body Intro & Conc - SPCH 230: Planning the Body,...

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Lecture, 1/29/10 1 Supporting Materials s Includes arguments & ideas, examples, and s Main functions 1. To increase knowledge or to change attitudes, beliefs, values or behavior 2. To present limited number of ideas/arguments 3. To provide support for those ideas/arguments 4. To indicate sources of information What do you mean? Why should I believe you? So what? General Less General Specific There are a lot of big cities in China. China has more cities with 1 million people than does any other country in the world. In China, there are 47 cities with 1 million or more people. Its closest competitor is India, with 32 cities of comparable size. In contrast, Mexico has 11 cities with a million or more people, the United States has 9 and England and France have one each. General Less General Specific Coffee is a very popular beverage. Consumed daily by millions of people, coffee is a major element in the world economy. With global retail sales of more than $70 billion a year, coffee is second only to oil as the world’s most heavily traded legal commodity. Total world coffee consumption exceeds 11 billion pounds annually. Every working day Starbucks opens four new coffeehouses somewhere on the planet. Examples Statistics Testimony
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Lecture, 1/29/10 2 s A specific case used to illustrate or to represent a group of people, ideas, conditions, experiences or the like. s Types s Brief example s Extended example s Hypothetical example A specific case referred to in passing to illustrate a point Ex (illustration): Changes in technology have made it possible for doctors to work wonders that once seemed impossible. Roger Charter, for example, lost both his feet when they were crushed in a truck accident. Now he has new feet – made of a springy plastic alloy that duplicates a normal arch. Not only can Roger walk normally, but he can run and play sports again
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Jan29_Body Intro & Conc - SPCH 230: Planning the Body,...

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