Jan22_Purpose CI & MP

Jan22_Purpose CI & MP - be formed somewhere along...

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SPCH 230: Purpose, Central Idea Lecture, 1/22/10 1 s To inform s To persuade s To entertain s To celebrate/commemorate s Specifies exactly what you expect from the audience after the speech s Guidelines: s Include a reference to your listeners s Be clear and precise s Phrase as a single, concise sentence To inform my audience how to make perfect popcorn every time. s Characteristics of a good specific purpose statement s Specific s Do-able s Relevant To persuade my audience to join a sorority or a fraternity. s Serves as your main, unifying theme s Indicates direction your presentation will take s Concludes something about topic you are discussing s Ineffective : Merely promises that an idea will
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Unformatted text preview: be formed somewhere along the way In this presentation, I will discuss the benefits of keeping a blog. SPCH 230: Purpose, Central Idea & Main Ideas Lecture, 1/22/10 2 s Effective : A clear, declarative sentence stating your argument or line of reasoning regarding your topic. Maintaining a blog is beneficial because it lets you sharpen your writing skills, network with persons who share similar interests, and develop basic Web site management skills. s Flow naturally from your topic s Are the KEY messages you want to share s Ideal number 3-5 s Should be complete, declarative sentences s Should be written using parallel form...
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Jan22_Purpose CI & MP - be formed somewhere along...

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