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SPCH 230: Workplace Presentations Lecture, 1/20/10 1 1. Reporting s Updating an audience on a topic 2. Explaining s Detailing process or defining topic 3. Persuading s Convincing audience to accept idea(s) 4. Motivating s Inspiring listeners to take action (From Ober, 2004. Fundamentals of Contemporary Business Communication) Type of Audience Characteristics Expert or Insider Intimate knowledge of topic, issue, product or idea being discussed Colleagues within the field Share the speaker’s knowledge of the general field under question May not be familiar with the specific topic Lay No specialized knowledge of the field related to the speaker or the topic Mixed Audience composed of a combination of the above types Perhaps the most difficult audience to satisfy Key Ideas from “Dealing with Blunders…” Think about impact rather than perfection s Impact puts your focus on others, perfection makes it
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Unformatted text preview: all about you s It is more important to make a lasting impression than to give a perfect presentation Treat every presentation or speech as a learning experience and not as a final judgment s “The speaker who never makes a mistake probably isn’t speaking much.” Key Ideas from “It’s Not Your Mouth…” r Stance, gestures and eye contact are all essential to effective presentation r Think openness by removing physical barriers that can break the connection and create distance r Animate yourself by using gestures and moving around r It’s all learnable. Key Ideas from “Seeing Them with Their Clothes On” r The skills necessary for “presenting” well are the conversational skills you already possess r You do not need a separate, distinct “speaking persona” r The audience is not your enemy...
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