American Cyborgs final preparation

American Cyborgs final preparation - 285-000: Preparation...

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Unformatted text preview: 285-000: Preparation for the American Cyborgs final The final will follow the same basic format as the midterm, consisting of two sections: vocabulary terms and IDs of passages. Only the numbers will change: there will be a few more vocabulary terms to define and one extra ID passage. As before, you will have choices for both sections. Part I: Definition of vocabulary terms 1. Vocabulary terms can come from any point in the semester (before or after the midterm). 2. You already have a list of vocabulary terms for the midterm on your midterm prep sheet. 3. Here are the additional vocabulary terms you are responsible for since the midterm: noocytes Noosphere dystopia cyberpunk romance cyberspace / the matrix simstim avatar (multiple meanings; see Avatar lecture outline, and note, too, the specific meaning of an “avatar” in this particular film) collage hypertext Part II: Identification and close reading analysis of passages. Select 3 out of 7. These ID passages will be chosen only from texts we’ve read after the midterm. For each passage, give the title and author or director; if a character is speaking, identify the character and the context in which the passage takes place in the story. Then, in a substantial paragraph or two, explain why the language of this passage is significant—either to a specific point in the text or to the argument of the text as a whole. This will involve looking at its style in detail, not simply the theme. In other words, you are going to be close reading the passage’s language in intensive detail, explaining what the effect is of particular words, images, symbols, logical arguments (or gaps in the logic), tone, and sentence structure. And if you get a collage page, be prepared to discuss the role of the pictures and of the typography. Your midterm prep sheet has a sample ID passage with one possible close reading. ...
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American Cyborgs final preparation - 285-000: Preparation...

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