Patchwork Girl quotes and allusions

Patchwork Girl quotes and allusions - Which of these images...

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Which of these images, taken from Patchwork Girl , best describes your experience of reading this book? this writing Assembling these patched words in an electronic space, I feel half-blind, as if the entire text is within reach, but because of some myopic condition I am only familiar with from dreams, I can see only that part most immediately before me, and have no sense of how that part relates to the rest. When I open a book I know where I am, which is restful. My reading is spatial and even volumetric. I tell myself, I am a third of the way down through a rectangular solid, I am a quarter of the way down the page, I am here on the page, here on this line, here, here, here. But where am I now? I am in a here and a present moment that has no history and no expectations for the future. Or rather, history is only a haphazard hopscotch through other present moments. How I got from one to the other is unclear. Though I could list my past moments, they would remain discrete (and recombinant in potential if not in fact), hence without shape, without end, without story. Or with as many stories as I care to put together. earwigs When I was “young” (though all my parts were old) I turned over a leaf and found a massed and crawling nest of earwigs. I dropped the leaf and backed away from these creatures that appalled me singly not at all. What is dreadful about the plural? The swarm, the infestation. Is it that, without the necessary limits of any discrete entity, the swarm seems only accidentally, not essentially bounded in size? That it becomes a fragment of an infinite quantity, suggesting infinity despite its own accidental measurements, just because those measurements are accidental? When I ran from the nest of earwigs, was I escaping a universe packed from seam to
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Patchwork Girl quotes and allusions - Which of these images...

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