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Patchwork Girl study guide - Patchwork Girl Where would a...

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Patchwork Girl Where would a cyborg course be without at least one cybertext? Patchwork Girl is an older, first-generation hypertext, written using Storyspace; it’s one of the best known examples of the genre. Shelley Jackson actually demonstrated this text here at USC about 13 years ago for a “Hyper Halloween” conference. Hypertext literature simply refers to electronic literature that uses hyperlinks to connect to different parts of the text. Unlike a conventional linear narrative, the reader can theoretically choose his or her path through the hypertext, depending on which links the reader clicks on. How much freedom you actually have, though, depends a lot on the particular hypertext. There are hypertexts that still follow a fairly linear progression—and print texts, for that matter, that are very nonlinear. (Think of the collage page spaces in VAS , which are extremely nonlinear.) But Patchwork Girl is a book that really makes sense to write as a hypertext. The main character is literally a patchwork creation of body parts from different people, all of whom had their separate histories while still alive. What, then, are the other differences between hypertexts and print texts? How is the mechanism for reading different—the Reading Manual, the Software License Agreement, etc.? Also, what questions of obsolescence come up with a hypertext CD that don’t occur with a print text? How does that affect the reading experience? Sources for Patchwork Girl : The book also draws on many different sources, but the two main ones are: A) Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus (1818) B) L. Frank Baum ’s The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1913) Frankenstein : Reviewing the basic plot, Dr. Frankenstein decides to reanimate a body he’s
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Patchwork Girl study guide - Patchwork Girl Where would a...

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