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VAS lecture 2 outline 1. A book simultaneously very serious and very playful 2. Who controls our bodies, and the ways in which we perceive them, use them, safeguard them, enhance them, and replicate them? 3. Tomasula’s concern with decisions about individuals made in the name of “the good of society” 4. Bodies interacting with the world: freedom and constraint a. handwriting b. walking versus driving c. “having your body” versus “being your body” d. reproductive choices 5. From animal to human evolution 6. A fascination with genetic error and mutation
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Embracing diversity, worrying about its loss a. biological diversity b. social/linguistic diversity 8. How do we read VAS ’s collage? a. Explaining the mix of fact and fiction b. The individual quote i. When you take a quote out of context, you change its meaning. ii. A quote also takes on new meaning with every new repetition. iii. Different presentation styles change the way we read the quote. c. The dialogue between juxtaposed collage pieces adds new interpretations as well....
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