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VAS lecture 1 outline

VAS lecture 1 outline - More a mixture of all of them d The...

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VAS lecture 1 outline 1. VAS and cyborgs: themes a. technologically enhanced or operated-upon bodies b. There is no such thing as a purely “natural” human body. The body is always overwritten with cultural stereotypes and premises. c. Changing ideas of beauty d. Eugenics 2. VAS and a cyborg “style” a. collage versus “ A LINEAR PLOT ” (28) b. two different editions of the book, each with its own unique covering comparing the book to a body c. What genre is the book? Novel, opera, graphic novel, graphic design text, poetry?
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Unformatted text preview: More a mixture of all of them. d. The fairly linear narrative sequence of Square and Circle (with its main allusion to Abbott’s Flatland ) is only one part of the book. e. Quotes, ads, science experiments, statistics, excerpts from eugenics textbooks, origami, historical facts. 3. How do the pieces work together? Keep in mind, too, the way the collage works here: many of the ads and quotes are being satirized, not endorsed....
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