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VAS study guide - A Guide to the Wonderful World of VAS: An...

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A Guide to the Wonderful World of VAS: An Opera in Flatland Textual Information : This book is a collaboration between author Steve Tomasula and graphic artist Stephen Farrell. They often chose the source material together, though Farrell is mainly responsible for the visual look of the pages, while Tomasula wrote the story segments. It was first published by a small press, Barrytown/Station Hill in hardback in 2002. The cover is an integral part of the book’s statement. On the far right, the front cover has a cardboard section, symbolizing “bone.” It’s bordered by a thin strip of red and pink stripes, the “muscle section,” which then leads into a tan leatherette section over the spine resembling “skin.” It was republished as a paperback in 2004 by the U. of Chicago Press. The cover here is different and equally interesting—a peach surface in “skin” color with veins underneath, and lettering in blood red. In other words, Tomasula and Farrell are serious about making a connection between the book and the human body. This stems from their interest in how contemporary technology is letting us “rewrite” the “text” of the body with surgery or with genetic manipulation. Main allusion : In 1884, Edwin A. Abbott wrote a funny and insightful short novel called Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions . The main characters are flat geometric shapes. The hero is a gentleman named A. Square, a mathematician. His wife (like all women in this world) is a line segment. Basically, the more sides one has in this world, the higher one’s class. Triangles are part of a lower class, and the position of women is even worse. The very highest-ranking residents of Flatland are polygons with so many sides that they resemble circles. This is the priestly class. One day the Square gets a surprise visitor—a Sphere! The Sphere tries to explain the concept of a third dimension to the Square, who initially resists it, but later tries to persuade his society of its truth. He is not very successful.
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VAS study guide - A Guide to the Wonderful World of VAS: An...

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