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Navigating Avatar Technologically-augmented humans: What kinds of human technology are seen as destructive, neutral, or beneficial in this film? Do you see any patterns to the machines that fall under each category? What are the purposes and appearances of the various machines we encounter? How do you interpret the film’s central conflict—that Jake’s education about the beauty and resourcefulness of Pandora’s natural world is dependent upon a technological construction alien to that world: the avatars? Names : Names often have symbolic significance in this film. It’s no coincidence that the human refining operation is at “Hell’s Gate” and that Quaritch flies a “Dragon,” or that the scientist-diplomats head to the “Hallelujah Mountains.” For that matter, what do you make of Dr. Grace Augustine’s name among all this religious imagery? Jake or Jacob? Why might it be significant that Trudy, the female pilot who changes sides to help Jake and the Na’vi, flies a “Samson” aircraft, and one that she calls “Rogue One”? What is the Samson story
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avatar study guide - Navigating Avatar...

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