Neuromancer lecture 2 outline (1)

Neuromancer lecture 2 outline (1) - Tessier-Ashpool clan...

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Neuromancer lecture #2 outline I. The continuum of being human in Neuromancer : a. Humans who make a point of avoiding at least one type of technology b. Humans who are extremely augmented by new technologies c. Former humans: Dixie the construct, Armitage/Corto d. Nonhuman entities: the artificial intelligences. (Wintermute, Neuromancer) II. The bleak, depersonalizing landscapes of Neuromancer : a. Corporate life—and death b. Or the black market’s Social Darwinism c. Coffins to sleep in d. “Rebuilt” food (47) e. The sky as T.V. f. Drug addiction III. We don’t get a cohesive sense of character or much backstory for the humans. IV. The end of love? Case and Linda Lee. V. No wonder cyberspace is so attractive. VI. The end of communities? a) Zionites b) Panther Moderns VII. Whatever happened to old-fashioned family values?: The
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Unformatted text preview: Tessier-Ashpool clan VIII. The end of evolution? Or simply the end of human evolution? IX. A way out? Marie-France’s visionary plan X. At first, NR ’s technologically interconnected communities seem superior to the chaos of the “real” cities. But the images of “consensual hallucinations,” and “dreaming real” become more and more sinister. XI. Human and posthuman systems breaking down a. The Sense/Net raid. Just play on the already existing paranoias enough and the system tears itself apart from within. b. The image of the wasp. How much can Wintermute infiltrate human minds? c. Riviera’s artistry: the twisted, violent blazon of Molly....
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Neuromancer lecture 2 outline (1) - Tessier-Ashpool clan...

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