Neuromancer lecture 1 outline

Neuromancer lecture 1 outline - b Previously human Armitage...

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Outline for lecture 1 on Neuromancer 1. Gibson’s literary biography 2. Defining “cyberspace” 3. The appeal of cyberspace’s information structures versus the dystopian, polluted, overcrowded cities in Neuromancer. Think of Blade Runner ’s street scenes. 4. “Babylon” to the Zionites 5. How new is Neuromancer ? The book’s genres: cyberpunk, romance 6. Gender stereotypes: Descartes and beyond 7. Mutable bodies 8. Will the real human please stand up? 9. Liminal characters in Neuromancer : a. Enhanced humans: Molly, the Panther Moderns. Case, too, is almost inseparable from his computer deck.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Previously human: Armitage, Dixie c. Nonhuman: the artificial intelligences, Wintermute and Neuromancer 10. Science fiction and history 11. A history of betrayals specifically. 12. Watergate, for example. 13. The black market is structured around betrayals. Think, too, of the role betrayal plays in the actions of Linda Lee, Case, Riviera, and especially Corto. 14. Humans self-destructing 15. The end of human innovation and evolution: the case of the Tessier-Ashpools 16. Marie-France Tessier: a way out? But for whom or what?...
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Neuromancer lecture 1 outline - b Previously human Armitage...

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