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Neuromancer study guide

Neuromancer study guide - Neuromancer Dystopia The opposite...

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Neuromancer Dystopia . The opposite of a utopia, a dystopia is an imaginary society, usually set in the future, in which living conditions are harsh and inhumane. A dystopia may feature a totalitarian government (Orwell’s 1984 ), a mechanized society (Huxley’s Brave New World ), or post-apocalyptic landscapes. (Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ? takes place after a nuclear holocaust.) Cyberpunk . A type of science fiction, cyberpunk novels are characterized by dystopian societies, outlaw heroes, drugs, and invasive technologies that augment the body or provide humans an interface with computers. The language is adapted from detective fiction. Gibson is one of the founders of the genre. Romance. A narrative fiction usually involving a quest adventure with chivalric characters, supernatural elements, and courtly love motifs. It is distinguished from the novel by its emphasis on fantasy rather than realistic details of everyday life; its characters tend to be allegorical representations of virtue or vice rather than rounded portraits. Medieval romances include the Arthurian cycles; Spenser’s Faerie Queene is a notable Renaissance romance. Originally a verse form, most contemporary romances are written in prose. Gibson’s New Romance of Cyberspace Settings Cyberspace ( or the matrix) . Gibson popularized this term. He envisioned a “consensual hallucination,” a network of information, maps, and fellow users that you plug into directly through your own mind. A computer “deck” projects your consciousness into this graphic representation of data—a sort of combination of the Internet and virtual reality. Those who are particularly good at navigating cyberspace are called cowboys or jockeys. The Sprawl . An urban metropolis stretching along the American East Coast from Boston to Atlanta. Asian technological influences. (Cf. the city in the movie Blade Runner .) Case’s home territory. After World War III and the epidemic diseases that followed, the world economy is run by multinational corporations ( zaibatsu ), which provide for workers throughout their
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lives and give them a company funeral. Power and wealth are based in information exchange. There is also a flourishing black market for information, supplied by the cowboys. Terms
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  • Spring '11
  • Vanderborg
  • William Gibson, Wintermute, artificial intelligences, Lee. Wintermute, Tessier-Ashpool Artificial Intelligences

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Neuromancer study guide - Neuromancer Dystopia The opposite...

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