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Blood Music lecture 3 outline

Blood Music lecture 3 outline - 6 Translating human terms...

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Blood Music lecture 3 outline 1. The collapse of science fiction stories. 2. Bernard’s continuing education: insight beyond the human, or something lost in translation? a. “ Father/Mother/Universe ” (169) b. “ Ancient, slow ” (169) c. The noocytes don’t understand Bernard’s confinement, and why he permits it. d. They also have trouble translating “individuality” (181) e. They become aware that they are “children of a lesser god.” 3. The last human broadcast of exploring North America 4. The end of humanity: we tear ourselves apart a. drastic measures to end the plague b. national hatreds and the nuclear apocalypse narrative 5. The noocytes, in contrast, try to save as many humans as they can.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Translating human terms: “power” and “love” 7. Is this book, with its emphasis on the noocytes’ sense of preserving human love, just a “‘naïve fairy tale’” as Darko Suvin challenged (cited in N. Katherine Hayles’s How We Became Posthuman [255])? 8. “Seeing is changing”: why the noocytes have to leave the “macro-scale world” (266). 9. What questions does Blood Music avoid answering? 10. Rereading Blood Music as a fairy tale about fairy tales—i.e., about the power of human storytelling. Can stories change our reality? If so, what kind of stories should we be writing?...
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