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Blood Music lecture #1 outline 1. More echoes of Frankenstein —or an entirely new twist? 2. Blood Music ’s critique of human society: a. we’re competitive, backbiting, hypocritical, and, above all, lonely. b. close reading the details of Genetron’s campus on p.3 c. close reading our sense of our own species on p.1 d. analyzing Vergil Ulam’s personality i. “The world was his personal puzzle” (23) ii.
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Unformatted text preview: hatred of drudgery and routine iii. He wants to create organisms in his own image, like a god. e. Vergil as others see him i. Unhealthy, sloppy, not safety-conscious ii. Sees science—and women—as “prize[s]” to possess f. Vergil versus the noocytes 3. What the noocytes really want: a world of communication and cooperation 4. Alternatives to human isolation: Candice, April?...
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