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Electric Ant lecture outline

Electric Ant lecture outline - The Electric Ant lecture...

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“The Electric Ant” lecture outline 1. What happens if you live your life as a human—but then find out you’re really a cyborg? 2. Why use the term—and the title—of “Electric Ant”? 3. Creating a whole new vocabulary for this new world. 4. The opening: one more sci-fi hospital bed and one more vulnerable body. How would you rate the level of care in this hospital? 5. This is a world where everything is assessed in terms of its financial value or cost. 6. Poole’s initial “personality”: a) dislikes being “mothered”; impatient with displays of affection b) thinks in terms of stereotypes c) work-oriented d) expensive tastes e) sees himself as a powerful, wealthy executive—who is now suddenly below the lowest of his workers 7. What is the irony of his business occupation? 8. Why didn’t he notice that he was an electric ant before this? 9. The symbolism of the replacement hand imagery 10. Why a cyborg—with two different circulatory systems?
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