I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon lecture outline

I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon lecture outline - 14 Victor...

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“I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon” lecture outline 1. The symbolism of the setting 2. What’s in a name? The significance of “Victor” 3. Untangling the plot 4. The computer moves from replaying Victor’s memories to drawing upon Victor’s wish-fulfillment about exploring the new colony. 5. With all these cybernetic experiences, how does Victor know what is truly real when he wakes up? 6. Even the good parts of Victor’s memories and wish fulfillment get contaminated by his guilt over a past trauma. 7. His crime/sin: the cat and the bird 8. The original trauma: the episode with the bee caught in the spider web 9. Robert Frost’s “Design” poem 10. The need to make sense out of a seemingly senseless, brutal world 11. Victor’s mother and her response to his trauma 12. Repeating the crime 13. His mother becomes a larger-than-life figure with magical powers.
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Victor moves from this image of his mother to that of a “presence” watching his actions, knowing his guilt. 15. Victor and the computer 16. Victor creates a religious narrative of an all-seeing, vengeful God who makes sense out of the universe and who punishes sin. 17. This seems, paradoxically, to give Victor back a sense of agency in his own life. Or does it? 18. Victor weaves all of his memories together into “one interwoven grid” of “guilts” and paranoia (366), as if to explain his failures. 19. Nothing is real or authentic to Victor any longer. But we do get a sense of the things Philip K. Dick cherished. 20. The symbolism of the poster 21. The way Victor’s memory worlds break down. 22. Dick’s closing question: Is Victor representative of humans more broadly?...
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I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon lecture outline - 14 Victor...

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